Tri Peaks Solitaire is a combination of Golf Solitaire and Pyramid Solitaire and is a fast-paced game just like Golf Solitaire.

Unlike Golf Solitaire, Tri Peaks Solitaire is less mechanical and requires more thought and vision in order to release the productive cards. So, in a sense, it is difficult than the Golf Solitaire.


The initial layout for Tri Peaks Solitaire is 3 pyramids. These Pyramids overlap, and are 4 rows high, using up a total of 28 cards, all face up.

There is 1 card turned up in the waste pile and there are 23 cards in the talon, which can be dealt at any time.
Cards can be moved to the waste pile, if they are 1 less than, or 1 more than the rank of the current card on the waste pile.


All the Tri Peaks game is carried on a single waste pile. Any completely uncovered card in the tableau may be moved to the waste pile if it follows either an ascending or descending sequence regardless of suit.

The foundation may be built up or down regardless of suit. In the original version of the Tri Peaks Solitaire game, a king was a stopper – unable to connect to either a queen or an ace.

Orders may change the corner with Kings building on Aces and Aces building on Kings. When no more cards can be transferred from the tableau to the waste pile, a card from the stock is sent to the waste pile and building resumes.

When the stock is empty, and no more building can occur, then the game is over.

You will get a bonus every time you completely demolish one of the three peaks and you’ll also receive a bonus for each card that remains in the tableau when you win the game

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