Spider Solitaire card game is the type of game played with one or more card decks and which objective of which is to move all the cards from one determined display to one pile or piles.

Playing Spider Solitaire, or games of patience, as they used to be known has without a doubt its uses. For example, playing a solitaire game will keep you company during sleepless nights. For a stressed or worried mind, it can be of great ease to relax by playing one or two games of solitaire.

Spider Solitaire Game Setup

First off, ten sets of cards are randomly selected for you. Now you must place them in a certain fashion. They must line up like this- King, Queen, Jack, 10, and so forth. Once you fill the set, your cards will be removed and you have just completed a little portion of your game.

However, your cards must be placed from the same suit, for instance, all spades must be in a row. In easy mode there is only one suit, in normal, there is two, and in hard, there is all four. This is one rule that makes Spider Solitaire different from its ancestor.

Win Condition

Once there are no more moves available, just deal from the stack at the bottom. Keep on doing this to you clear all 104 cards on the table. Sometimes the victory will come easily to you; sometimes it will become impractical to win at all.

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