Klondike Solitaire is an advanced version of the real solitaire game. Klondike features free cells which are used to hold up the cards, but instead of four free cells, Klondike features three free cells.

The free cells are empty by default and can be used as an option when you can really find a match. If a card on the tableau which isn’t playable and prevents you from making your next move, you can move it to one of the three free cells.

Once you move the cards to the free cells, you can then make your move if the cards are suitable.

Just like the original solitaire, the objective of Klondike is also to arrange the cards in the correct sequence starting from Aces to King by their respective suits in the four foundations.

Cards can be moved between the columns just like original solitaire e.g Red 5 can be placed on Black 6 and Black 6 can be placed on Red 7 and so on.

Klondike Game Setup

In Klondike Freecell Solitaire, there are a total of 7 columns of cards in which cards are stacked in ascending form. Column 1 has one card while the next one has two cards, 3rd one has three cards and the last one having seven cards.

At the top left of the screen, you will find three free cells and on the top right, you will found four foundations where cards are to be arranged from Aces to King by their suit.

In Klondike Solitaire you will not always get deals which are winnable irrespective of how you play or how much good you play. It is how it is.

When you successfully manage to arrange the cards in correct order right from Aces to King by their respective suit in the four foundation piles.

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