Generally, when you hear the word Solitaire you think about the solo card game from Microsoft Windows. This is actually a specific version of Solitaire and it’s called Klondike.

Klondike is just one of the hundreds of types. You might have heard about other types of Solitaire such as FreeCell, Pyramid, Spider, and many others. If you love Solitaire in any form then you have play Sage Solitaire too.

Sage Solitaire is a new type that combines the Klondike with poker. The main goal of this game is to clear the board by making poker hands. It is very entertaining and addictive.

You start out with nine piles of cards and the top card is face up. Select anywhere from two to five cards to make a pair, full house, straight flush, or any type of poker hand combination.

The better the hand, the more points you earn. If you have no information about different poker hands then just tap a button to see a list of possible hands.

If you can’t select any cards that result in a hand, then you can “Trash” a card and a new card will flip over. But you can only trash a few cards per game. There’s also a “Hint” button if you get stuck.

If the hands can no longer be created on your board then the game ends. You can Tweet your high score or post it to Facebook. .

Other interesting features include “Achievements,” which you can earn for getting a really high score, finishing the game really quickly, or several other game accomplishments. There are also modes for saving your battery life or “night mode” for playing in the dark.

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