Sultan Solitaire is a solitaire card game, meaning it is played only by one person. This game is fairly easy to win. It is a variant of Freecell Solitaire and is very similar to Emperor Solitaire.

The objective of this game is to build the seven outer Kings up in suit to Queens and to build the Ace of Hearts up to the Queen. When the game is over, the Sultan will be surrounded by the eight Queens.

[Source: BVS Solitaire Collection]

Cards Layout

This game uses 104 cards. There are 9 foundation piles and 8 reserve piles. Each reserve pile may contain only one card.


The foundations can be built in ascending order by suit. The foundations starting with a king can accept an ace. The card which is present on the top of the waste pile and all cards of the reserve piles are available to play on foundations.

When all the moves which are initially available to you have been made, click the stockpile to begin turning over cards. The card that is face up on top of the deck is always available for play. You can move the top card from the stockpile to the Foundations or to one of the empty reserve piles You have two redeals.

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