Russian Solitaire is a difficult solitaire game using 1 deck of playing cards. Russian Solitaire is a tougher variant of Yukon. Wins can be hard to come by, but many people are addicted to this popular game. Wins are very rare of this game.

The objective of this game is to build the foundations up in the suit to kings. When you do that, then you will win this variant of solitiare, Russian Solitaire.

Cards Layout

There are four foundations which are empty in the start. There are seven tableau piles, faced down. The first tableau pile begins with no cards face-down, the second with one face-down, and so on to the seventh, which starts with six cards face-down.

The remaining cards are laid out face-up, one on the first tableau and five each on the remaining tableaus.


You have to build tableau piles down in suit. You can move the groups of cards no matter what the sequence is. Any face-up card in the tableaus can be moved to further a build. All the cards covering it are moved together as a unit. Empty tableaus may be filled with a King or group of cards headed by a King.

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