Nunavut Solitaire is another variant of the solitaire card game. The game is really interesting and fun to play. This game is quite easy compared to the others. Chances of winning this game are about 1 in 3. This solitaire variation was invented by Boris Sandberg.

The main objective of this game is to build the foundations up in the suit to Kings.

[Source: BVS Solitaire Collection]

Cards Layout

This solitaire game uses 2 decks of cards(104 cards). There are 10 tableau piles with each having 5 cards and 8 foundations available to you. When Aces become available they are moved to the foundations.


The cards which you are going to see on the top of tableau piles and the waste pile are available to play. You have to build tableau piles according to the suit. There is no need of a specific sequence for a group of cards to be moved.

Any card in the tableau can be moved to make a build. All the cards covering it are moved together as a unit. The tableau piles which are empty can be filled with a King or group of cards headed by a King.
When all the moves which are initially available to you have been made, start turning over cards from stock to the waste pile. There is only one redeal available to the users.

You can move cards from the waste to the tableaus and to the foundations according to the rules.

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