Forty Thieves is a famous and challenging solitaire card game. It is a very difficult game to win with less than a 10% chance of winning, even if you play well, you will find this game very interesting if you know how to play it efficiently. For those who are interested in a bit of trivia, it’s also sometimes known by the names Big Forty, Napoleon at Saint Helena and Le Cadran.

The goal of Forty Thieves is to build eight foundations up from Ace to King, keeping the same suit.

Forty Thieves Solitaire
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Cards Layout

Forty Thieves is card game played with 2 decks of cards with all jokers not included. 40 cards are dealt face-up in columns that consist of four cards. All the remaining cards are left in a waste pile that can be used later. As two decks are used you will often notice duplicate cards after setting-up.


Only one card at a time may be moved.

In the tableau, only the top card of each column is available to be moved. Cards in the tableau may be moved either to a foundation or to another column in the tableau.

In the tableau, a card can only be added to a column if it is one rank lower and the same suit as the card it is being played on. A foundation must be started with an Ace. A card can only be added to a foundation if it is one rank higher and the same suit as the card it is being played on. For instance, the 5 of Spades can only be played on the 4 of Spades. The top card of the stock can be drawn at any time and played to a foundation, played to a column in the tableau, or added face up to the discard pile.

The topmost card of the discard pile can be played to a foundation or to a column in the tableau at any time.

If there is an empty column in the tableau, any card which can be legally moved may be played to that column.

 Redeal never happens in Forty Thieves.

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