Eliminator Solitaire is a type Solitaire. It is also called the game of speed and is quite similar to Golf solitaire, but with a few more options that slow down the pace and make you look a bit more deeply at the card layout.

The goal of this game is to clear all cards from the four columns by building on the six foundations either up or down in card rank, no matter what the suit is.

Card Layout.

The game is played with a single pack of 52 playing cards. After thoroughly shuffling the deck, the cards are dealt into 4 columns of 13 cards each. The game then starts.


Click the ‘Start Game’ button. Each game starts with the entire deck dealt face up in four columns of 13 cards each. There are six foundation spaces at the top. Cards can only be moved from a column unto a foundation. Cards cannot be moved from one column to another column.

To play a card you simply click on it. Only the top card in each column can be moved. Any top card in a column can be moved to a blank foundation. Any top card in a column can be moved to a foundation if it is either one card higher or one lower in rank. For example, any 4 can be played to either a three or a five. Aces can be played on kings, and kings can be played on Aces. Suits do not matter. Only rank matters.

If you got no more moves, you lose. Your main goal is to win by moving all 52 cards to the six foundation spaces. A winning score is always 440 points.

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