Addiction Solitaire belongs to the Montana group of solitaire games, where the arrangement of cards from Deuce to King is the object.

The main objective of the game is to create a row for each suit, where each row starts with the deuce on the left and the king on the right. The aces are removed after dealing, so the rightmost column will be blank when you correctly place all of the cards.

Cards Layout

The cards are dealt into 4 rows of thirteen. The aces are removed and discarded from further play. The gaps that they leave behind are filled by cards that are the same suit and rank higher than the card on the left of the gap. However, any gap at the right of a King is considered dead and no card can fill it.


To start the game click on the “Start” button.

After the deal, the aces are removed to create 4 blank spaces. The player will continually try to move a card into one of these blank positions until all of the cards have been placed in the way described in the main objective of the game. Only one card can fill one of these blank positions, and that is the one which follows by value and suit the card to the left of the empty position.

For instance, if there is a blank position to the right of the six of diamonds, only the seven of diamonds can be moved there. There is one exception to this rule: deuces may only be placed in empty positions in the leftmost column

When you are stuck you are allowed to reshuffle 3 times. You have to be careful because empty positions to the right of kings can not be filled. Reshuffling affects all cards not in their proper position.

If you place all 2’s in their correct locations in the leftmost position your “Slide” will become available. The “Slide” button shifts every card that is not in its proper position to the right as many spaces that are available in its row. Each player only gets one “Slide” per game so use it very carefully.

To end the game when there are still moves available, but also save your score, you can use the Give Up button.

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