Aces Up Solitaire is a solitaire card game using a deck of 52 playing cards. One advantage of this game is it uses very little space, one can even play it on an area as small as a book cover.

It is also known with the names of Idiot’s Delight, Once in a Lifetime, Ace of the Pile, Loser Solitaire, Aces High, Drivel, and Leggen.

The objective of this game is to discard all cards from tableau piles to the foundation except for the four Aces, having one Ace in each tableau.

Cards Layout

It has a simple layout. With one foundation pile and 4 tableau piles.


Four cards are dealt from the stock to the tableau, one on each pile. The top card present on the top of each pile is available for play.

If there are two or more cards of the same suit, discard all but the highest-ranked card of that suit. Aces rank high. Spaces may be filled by any top card from other tableau. When the last four cards have been dealt out and any moves made, the game is over. The fewer cards left in the tableau, the better. To win is to have only the four aces left.

There is no redeal and in this version of Solitaire, the wins are very rare and it may be your luck that you found such a deal which will let you win the game.

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