FreeCell Solitaire is different from the original Solitaire game and offers a fun twist. The main goal of FreeCell game is to build up four foundations in sequence from Ace to King by their respective suit. 

In FreeCell Solitaire, there are 8 columns all of which cards dealt face up and seeing those cards, one can make their move. The strategy of this game can be made according to the cards.

The twirl in this version of Solitaire is that there are four free cells at the top left of the screen and these free cells can be used to move cards and free up space until those cards are able to be used.

FreeCell Setup

To play FreeCell Solitaire, you have to deal all the 52 cards into the 8 columns and each card should be dealt faced up. The topmost card is faced up and highlighted to show that it is in play.

These 8 columns of the card make up the tableau. There are also 4 free cells at the top left of the screen which are used to hold up the card.

Along with that, there are also four foundations which are located at the top right side and you will have to arrange the cards from Ace to King in sequence by their respective suits.


To start the game, move the cards and locate the Aces in the tableau and move them to the foundations at the top. Cards can be moved back forth between the columns but must be arranged in a specific order e.g Red 5 can be placed on Black 6 and Black 6 can be placed on Red 7.

Free cell spaces can also be utilized to hold the cards.

When you have successfully managed to arrange the cards in proper order from Ace to Kind by suit, you win.

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