There are a lot of strategies out there to master the Solitaire. Nevertheless, they require much better concentration and memory than most people have.

Here is one of the strategies which should be followed by the players of Solitaire in order to become an expert at it.

First of all, you have to run through the whole stockpile and try to memorize the cards you see. It is pretty obvious that you are not going to remember each and every card. However, you will still remember some of them in your head. Then, try to think how they relate to the seven face-up cards.

Try to balance the cards you discarded to the foundations. In essence, do not pile too many cards on one of the aces before having the same cards on all Aces.

For example, even if you could 2, 3 and 4 of hearts, discard only the “2” until you have all other Aces and 2s dragged to the foundations. Having too many cards on one foundation pile and none on some of the others could put you into a predicament.

Try to play in such a way that you empty the piles present on the left in this way you will have places for Kings. Based on your knowledge of the deck, you can take the decision that whether to place a King from the tableau or save an empty space for the one you know is coming up from the stock. Balance taking cards away from tall piles against opening free spaces for Kings.

When you have to choose between stacks that contain number of cards in order to free a down-facing card, you should generally play the card that is in the stack with the largest number of cards.

In the end, even if you are stuck and can’t move any cards anymore, it could be not because you didn’t do well. In general, the most experienced players win one out of two games, and an average win rate of 1 out of 5 is regarded as normal. In the game, it is not always about winning but instead, it’s about how much you learn and enjoy from that game.

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